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  • Explore 9 planets with many exotic environments including volcanic, sunken city, out space, Myan Temple, and several alien worlds
  • Unlock 24 different ships each with a different specialty
  • Personalize your game with one of 13 different decorative balls
  • Select form four levels of difficulty including a “Kids” mode that is impossible to lose

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Game Details


Ricochet Infinity is an action packed brick busting game requiring equal parts skill, strategy and luck.  The dynamic and interactive levels reward strategic play while the arsenal of dozens of power-ups allows you to sometimes obliterate everything in your path.  Many players will be content to just try to keep the ball in the air and progress though all 100 levels to see what happens next. But for those who want more of a challenge there are ten trophies to earn using skillful play and 500 rings hidden in hard to reach parts of the levels.   The curved bumper on your ship allows you to direct the ball just where you want it by bouncing it off different edges and the iPhone’s tilt sensing ability adds even more control letting you nudge the ball towards the target when it’s a little off track.  Download this iPhone app today to see why reviewers around the world have called Ricochet Infinity “best in class!”  

- RICOCHET INFINITY is also available on the Mac and PC! -

Download the PC Version Now! - (35.61 MB)
Download the Mac Version Now! - (48.12 MB)
Download the iPhone Version Now! - (18.50 MB)

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