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Author: Levi - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2005-04-12 Description:
I'm never ever gonna make a big set like this it's so difficult to make different levels when you have so much levels. It took me a very long time to make, so I hope you like it. The first 10 and last 11 are main menu brick levels, the rest of the levels have the other themes. Have fun playing!
# of Rounds: 101
# of Downloads: 44,157
Tags: Easy, Artistic, Colorful, Many Powerups, Classic Style, Awesome, Sparkly
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RLW Designed for Ricochet Lost Worlds. This level set can be played in Ricochet Lost Worlds, Ricochet Recharged, and Ricochet Infinity.

1: A hole in the design

2: Get extra lives by losing your ion sphere!

3: Weird design!

4: Many empty spaces!

5: Something else!

6: Not many bricks too bash but there are 10 rings

7: A weird one!

8: You see me, you don't see me!

9: 1 4 u

10: Spinning Cubes

11: Railbricks with effects!

12: Starfish effects

13: 2 different kind of diamonds part 2

14: Today we have Blending with effects!!

15: From here to there etc.

16: Bad for your health

17: More effects

18: A laserball level with effects!!!!!!

19: Try to hit to bricks, i'm sure you can!!!

20: Another level with effects :)

21: Orbit effects!!

22: Hi

23: The effects are coming

24: Movements in the mayan world!

25: Triggers!!!!?!?!?!

26: 'H' of Hello

27: Spinning world with not so many effects ;)

28: Look it's me even the shiny eyes included :p When you hit me, my body will explode :)

29: A short round

30: Orbits and deflectors!

31: Whoosh ? I think this level is weird! Saw this in another set and tried but it isn't as good as the that one!!

32: I really like this movement!

33: All to one point and back!

34: Yeah, I have no idea for a weird name right now

35: The ultimate laserball in volcanobackground!

36: Yellow brick movements!

37: Blue brick movements!

38: Hello. Bye

39: Circular movement

40: A starfish level!

41: A cup of hot chocolate and a glass (made partialy out of gold) with red wine!

42: 4 times to one point and back!

43: Mayan explosion with after effects!

44: Look at his shiny hair, sparkling eyes and red nose. Also notice his yellow mouth an teeth!

45: All about the rings in this one part: something. *no effects on the ring, if i would do that you would go nuts*

46: Power-ups, many power-ups

47: Destroying 311 bricks easy!

48: Just a weird shape!!

49: Fast and slow 2

50: Finish this one with the help of the deflectors or maybe they are against you and do bad things.

51: Starfish goals

52: Moving to a moving point!

53: NO POWER-UPS!!! That's a disaster!

54: Blender! The sequel!

55: Thx to allecnarf for the movement. I couldn't think of anything and I liked the movement so I used it. Yours is better Allecnarf ;)

56: Why don't you think of something for a change :P

57: Wow, What is it?

58: 2723

59: As you can see this appartment is on fire!! All the people jump out off the blue windows (Future) and give their live to you, so you can save other people. Some people threw gold coins on the floor for you!!! Idea by My Mom!

60: You will be able to do something eventually!

61: 'Sparks' effects!!

62: Hey Tony Daryn, here are my 39 steps!! It's my tribute to you Tony Daryn. Because you made so much good levels!!!!

63: Mayan Pine trees that move because there is alot of wind in Mayan world, and yes the wind is blue here, and look at those weird glowing stars, there is some gold next to the trees! Get it!! And if you ask me.... it looks like something is going to fall from the sky!

64: Almost no effects!! I must be nuts!

65: One for the Stinger Missle Launcher lover! Sorry, had to make one coz I love it!!!

66: Yeah, euhhmm; Something

67: Destroy this and get that!

68: The screen is divided by four !?

69: Arrow world!!!!

70: This is pretty cool.

71: Movements in movements!

72: Moving Hourglasses!!

73: Just to make you nuts :p

74: 2 pieces make 1!!

75: Where are they pointing at??? Maybe you should take a Look!!

76: Super Orbit!!

77: Step By Step

78: Destroy the hideous, attacking Electric Toothbrush with blue Toothpaste on the brush: Pushing the Blue button won't HELP. HELP will be here soon!

79: Do you see a face in this?

80: Have no idea what this is!

81: Let it destroy itself (with a little help) and you will get something you can destroy yourself!

82: Moving in and out of the screen! Try to keep the ball in play when it's off screen!

83: Looks like a square to me...

84: Wich ones are real?? Maybe none *Hint* *Hint* *Hint*

85: What are you talking about: "Moving between points?!?!"

86: Some movement in this one...

87: Hehe...

88: Try to beat this one :)(:

89: One and a half X

90: Appear and disappear!

91: Light in the dark

92: Lots of spheres!

93: This must make you dizzy!

94: Weird orbit!

95: "They are moving along the pathways I made for them"

96: Complete chaos!

97: Flowerpower! Are that Honey bees! The flowers are connected by there spirit ;)

98: Looks easy when the brick layer is done!

99: This is the last level I made in the set. I had already done the other rounds! Get some lives here to make sure you can finish the set. I can see you don't have much lives so that's very important :p LOL

100: My tribute to you TT Tornado, because you make so much nice levels and because your really nice to have so much interest in my rounds ;) Looks like rings are blasting out of the tornado but once you have beaten the tornado they still move :O I know this round isn't very special but I just wanted to let you know somehow and this is a great way!

101: 101! Let's party!! This is the most irritating level you will ever play!!

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