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Author: Ronnie Lively - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2008-04-12 Description:
The Third Installment to the Ronnies Rampage Series
# of Rounds: 10
# of Downloads: 22,567
Tags: Strategy, Easy, Classic Style, Hard, Artistic, Awesome, Creative
Similar Sets: Doom Complexes - Infinity Quests (PART 2!!!), Balls Zones, Rico's Comet, Doom Complexes - Infinity Quests, RETRO BLAST 3 - WARP FACTOR 9, Space Craft, Rsn1, More fantastic levels, The Definitive changlege (starring raccon), Teeny's Moon
RI Designed for Ricochet Infinity. This level set can only be played in Ricochet Infinty.

1: Basic Design, But It's Not As Easy As It Looks

2: Switching The Balance

3: Make Way People

4: The Evil Vortex

5: Up To Three Helpers

6: Ricochet Rocketing Through Space

7: The Old Switcheroo

8: The New Switcheroo Two (Yahoo!)

9: There And Back Again (The Maze 4)

10: And A Dizzying End

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