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Author: steve - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2005-10-06 Description:
this is a short set i created in just over a week....there are no switches?,no suprises, and no great challenge.i was just messing around fishing for ideas and this came out,i had fun making this set..this is nothing like my other sets
# of Rounds: 14
# of Downloads: 55,188
Tags: Movie, Easy, Colorful, Artistic
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RLW Designed for Ricochet Lost Worlds. This level set can be played in Ricochet Lost Worlds, Ricochet Recharged, and Ricochet Infinity.

1: the early days

2: launch pad

3: lift off

4: to the stars

5: black hole....hint get rings first

6: alien vilage....aliens by jarro...check out their sets

7: free the prisoners

8: theres always one left behind..save the prisoner and get out of there?...why has he given me a blaster gun????? autoplay

9: two aliens.......one bad one not so bad......you have been warned

10: through the teleport....i hope we all make it

11: through the vortex.....500 rings luck if you get them all.....there is a way?????? autoplay

12: back to earth

13: peace

14: through the asteroid field

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