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Author: Maniac Mike - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2007-01-23 Description:
Being sick & off work for the last 2 weeks has left me nothing better to do then create round sets, and I hope you have enjoyed the fruits of me having the Flu. Here are 25 more rounds, which will probably be my last for a while. I hope you like them, and thanks for playing.
# of Rounds: 25
# of Downloads: 82,297
Tags: Easy, Artistic, Classic Style, Awesome, Many Powerups, Creative, Colorful, Strategy, Bombs, Ringfest, Challenging, 15, Autoplay
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RLW Designed for Ricochet Lost Worlds. This level set can be played in Ricochet Lost Worlds, Ricochet Recharged, and Ricochet Infinity.

1: Jaws

2: The Switch

3: The Mark Of...

4: Trading Places

5: Save A Tree

6: Dizzy Spells

7: Monolyth

8: Spring Action

9: Change Is Good

10: This Is A Fine Mess

11: Space Odessy

12: Looks Are Deceiving

13: War Of The Worlds

14: The Starfish Experiment

15: Jailbreak

16: The Great Wall

17: Turn Off The Water

18: Don't Be Nervous

19: Changing Places

20: Curtains

21: Pillars

22: Bumpermania

23: Triple Screw

24: Nothing Like A Nice Cold Shower

25: Pull Your Hair Out

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