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Author: Harry - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2005-12-05 Description:
Thank you so much for all the great things you have said. Here is a 51 round set that will amaze you and keep you wondering. Thank you.
# of Rounds: 51
# of Downloads: 87,354
Tags: Many Powerups, Artistic, Colorful, Easy, Awesome, Creative, Sparkly, Classic Style, Autoplay, Strategy, Ringfest, Bombs, Compilation, Challenging, Kids, Hard
Similar Sets: Cleo's Playtime, Engine 2, austicle levels 4, Rasomis, flaming muffin's tresure test, zhangfan's levels 2, Elis life, Dylan, Egypt, unsterblich
RLW Designed for Ricochet Lost Worlds. This level set can be played in Ricochet Lost Worlds, Ricochet Recharged, and Ricochet Infinity.

1: Let's Get This Party Started

2: Starflys

3: Watch It Now

4: Where Do They Think They Are Going

5: Making A Fly Bye

6: Ladies and Gentlemen... This Is Going To Be A Fun One

7: Yummy Sweet Stuff In The Center

8: Stone Ice Cream Cones

9: Big Surprise Birthday Cake

10: Now You See Them

11: You Are A Star

12: Oh Please Hit The Rings

13: La De Da Da De Do

14: The Box

15: Hollow Ballons

16: This Just Isn't Right Dude

17: Power Ups Are Your Option

18: Riding The Rail

19: Biddity Boo

20: Alien Enviroments

21: Wisked Away At A Moments Noticed

22: Flashbacks

23: Cometh Here

24: Slow and Easy

25: Crossed

26: Double Crossed

27: Surprise Surprise Surprise

28: One Good Turn Deserves Another

29: All Around The Cross

30: Choo Choo

31: Eye Strain Test

32: Holy Dynamo Batman

33: Blinking Blinkers

34: One Messed Up Universe

35: Kmart Has Nothing on This Blue Light Special

36: Opie.... Don't Play With That In The House!

37: Power of Flower

38: Just A Fun Break

39: Don't Be Crossed At Me For This

40: Five Stars To Go

41: Walls Will Melt

42: Wrenching

43: Play Ball

44: Shake Em Up

45: Feeling Blue

46: Easy Movements

47: Finesse Is Needed

48: Yee Haw

49: Bubbleland

50: Nightmare of The Bubbles

51: What Time Do The Cows Come Home

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